Alcohol Distiller Tower

Alcohol Distiller Tower


  1. This equipment divides into intermission and continuous type. It is consist of distilling kettle, distilling tower body, condenser, buffer tank, flowmeter.
  2. Alcohol be recovered and used again by distiller, can reduce cost and protect environment.
  3. Continuous production line with high-volume production needs.
  4. It can distill the weak alcohol which purity is lower than 30% purity to 90-95% and the surplus residue alcohol purity 3%.
  5. To be equipped with PLC control system and control the parameter of temperature, flux, purity to enhance the production efficiency automatically.

Flow Chart


Model Capacity (L/HR)
YS-AR-30 20-30
YS-AR-100 80-100
YS-AR-200 160-200
YS-AR-500 400-500
YS-AR-800 700-800
YS-AR-1000 800-1000