Centrifugal Granulator/Coater

Centrifugal Granulator/Coater


  • Powder Coating:Binder and powder are sprayed on the tiny granule or sugar to form a bigger pellet.
  • Suspension Coating:Mixed the active ingredients with binder into solution, spray solution on the smaller pellet to become a bigger pellet.
  • Film Coating:Spray film / enteric coating on the granulated pellet.


Place the sugar cores on the turntable. Hot air is blown upward between turntable and granulation area. The air causes the cores to roll, the binder solution is sprayed on the rolling cores through the pump and spray gun, coating and drying simultaneously. If powder coating is required, the fixed volume powder will be sprayed at the same time let solution to coat the powder on the cores, to produce pellet and get coating and drying purpose.


Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agriculture, health food or bio-tech products.

Flow Chart


Model Tank diameter (mm) Working batch (KG) Dimension (mm)
CG-350 350 1-2 2500x2500x2100
CG-750 750 15-30 3000x3000x2300
CG-1000 1000 30-50 4000x4000x2700
CG-1250 1250 50-100 5000x5000x3000