Fluid Bed Spray Granulator / Dryer

Fluid Bed Spray Granulator / Dryer


  • Mixing:powder and powder.
  • Granulation:powder and binder solution.


Heated and purified air flows into the column by suction fan, the pellet or powder will be in uniform fluid condition inside the column, use one set of filter bags to prevent leak of powder, discharge the evaporated water to get draying purpose. If add one more spray gun can spray the binder or active ingredient downward into the uniform fluid powder, whenever the powder combined in granule will be dried to get the required moisture content.


  • Bio-tech / Pharmaceutical
    • Western medicine:granulating and drying before tabletting.
    • Chinese medicine:granulating and drying of concentrated granule.
  • Food:Granulating and drying of instant food, instant health food, coffee, cocoa, milk powder, fruit flavor powder, seasoning.
  • Chemical:Granulating and drying of pigment, dye, synthesis raw material.


  • Mixing, granulating, drying are in one machine.
  • Drying time of wet granule is 10 ~ 20 times faster than conventional oven.
  • No dead angel produce because of even fluid drying, no color changing of difference because of the same drying speed in any position.

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Fluid bed granulator dryer,Vacuum freeze dryer
Fluid bed granulator dryer,Vacuum freeze dryer

Flow Chart


Model Container Full Volume(L) Capacity:Kgs/Batch Size(W x L x H) (MM)
YS-FDG-2 7 0.5-2 800x1100x1600
YS-FDG-5 26 2-5 1100x1200x2000
YS-FDG-10 30 5-10 1200x1200x2220
YS-FDG-30 100 10-30 1300x1300x2500
YS-FDG-60 180 20-60 1400x1400x2800
YS-FDG-120 400 50-120 1500x1500x3000
YS-FDG-150 500 80-150 1600x1600x3500
YS-FDG-200 650 80-200 1800x1800x3800
YS-FDG-300 1000 100-300 2100x2100x4300
YS-FDG-400 1300 100-400 2800x2800x4600
YS-FDG-500 1600 400-500 3500x3500x5000