Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer


Dry into powder from the solution or paste liquid.


Heated and purified air flows into the column through exhaust and suction fan, use one set of fast rotating spray nozzle to atomize the solution or paste liquid which sent by pump into very small drop, the drop will combine with heated air and moisture evaporated to get drying purpose. The original solid ingredient will be collected by collector.


Chinese herbal medicine, meat seasoning,fruit flavored powder, milk powder, chemical raw materials.


  1. Dry into powder from the solution or paste liquid.
  2. The original essence of material will not be changed after drying.
  3. Able to dry high viscosity and concentration liquid.
  4. Instant dry, short drying time.
  5. Even for hot sensitive materials, also can retain original color, flavor and smell.
  6. Air volume control is proportional by automatic air gate.
  7. PLC auto control system or touch screen interface for easy operation.
  8. Explosion proof system is available for organic solvent process.
  9. Optional equipment for different product feature.
    • Temperature recorder
    • CIP auto cleaning system
    • Dehumidifier facility
  10. All the design and manufacture are qualified cGMP standard and FDA requirement.

Flow Chart


Model Diameter of Tank(MM) Capacity (L/HR) Size(W x L x H) (MM)
YS-SD-2 800 01-02 1200x1500x2200
YS-SD-5 900 02-05 1500x2000x2500
YS-SD-10 1200 06-10 2000x2600x2800
YS-SD-15 1400 10-15 4500x4500x4000
YS-SD-20 1500 12-20 5000x5000x4500
YS-SD-30 1750 20-30 5000x5500x5000
YS-SD-50 2000 30-50 6000x6000x7000