Hot Air Sterilizer

Hot Air Sterilizer


Hot air sterilizer is applicable for sterilizing instruments which can tolerate high temperature and needs to remain in sterilized condition. Under the same temperature, hot air sterilization needs a higher temperature to kill germs and micro-organism than saturated vapor sterilization.


Sterilization of Vial, Ampoule and stainless steel instrument.


  • Safety Sterilized Welding:sterilization chamber is welded using stainless steel SUS304 to avoid contamination from the insulation material after long use.
  • Complete Contained:during the process of sterilization and when the sterilizer is off, the dampers are always tightly closed to ensure the sterilizing chamber is in a contained condition.
  • High Efficiency Filter:the absolute Heap Filter 99.97%, this filter can tolerate temperature above 350°C and filter particles below 0.3 Mirco.

Flow Chart


Model Chamber Size
(W x L x H) (MM)
Overall Dimensions
(W x L x H) (KG)
Maximum Temperature(c) Ampoule 10CC (P.C.S BATCH) Vilal 10CC (P.C.S BATCH) Vilal 20CC (P.C.S BATCH) Vilal 100CC (P.C.S BATCH)
YS-DHS-1 810x1100x1000 1600x2500x1300 280 10000 11000 5300 1500
YS-DHS-2 1600x1500x800 2600x2880x1100 280 18000 19000 9900 3000
YS-DHS-3 1600x1500x1330 2600x2880x1630 280 27000 28000 13000 5000