• Crushing:recover tablet and capsule, or crush the lump into original powder.
  • Milling:mill the hard or thick raw materials into powder.
  • Dry Granulation:granulate irregular size of granule to even granule after drying.
  • Wet Granulation:granulate the wet powder into granule.


Use two closed dry granulate claw to extrude the bigger and irregular granule outside of screen,then to form the required even granule.


Western medicine, Chinese medicine, health food, bio-tech product.


  1. Multi-function for milling, wet & dry granulation.
  2. Simple structure is easy to assemble and clean.
  3. Easy for screen renewing and operating.
  4. Different adjustable speed for different requirement of product.
  5. Less dust, low temperature, low noise and easy cleaning.
  6. Can be integrated with vacuum suction device.
  7. Special closed shaft design to prevent the black spot and ensure product quality.
  8. Safety device to protect the operator.
  9. 360° screen design enables better and faster milling result, output capacity is bigger than other model.
  10. All the design and manufacture are qualified cGMP standard and FDA requirement.

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Shaft Dry Granulator


Model Capacity: Kgs/Hr Power
YS-SG-1 2-10 1HP
YS-SG-2 50-80 2HP
YS-SG-3 80-150 3HP