Roller Compactor

Roller Compactor


Two categories of granulation methods:WET & DRY Type.
  • Wet Type:granulation requires water or solvent to be added during the granulation process; consequently a drying process is essential after granulation stage.
  • Dry Type:granulation eliminates the water, or solvent adding process, and as a result the drying process is not required. However binder or lubricant can still be added during the drying granulation process.

    Some raw material have the characteristic of low density (low specific gravity) and bad flow ability. By using the Roller Compactor - dry granulation process,it will improve the above characteristics and result in a bigger bulk density, higher specific gravity and good flow ability of granules.


  • Pharmaceutical:Chinese Medicine, Western Drug, Antibiotic Chemical, Agriculture Product, Food.
  • Producing granules of higher specific gravity and better flow ability.


  • Three functions in one unit compression, milling and granulating.
  • No water or solvent is added, granules are highly stable after granulation.
  • Without water adding in the process, drying process is not required. Therefore, granulation process is easier.
  • The good flow ability of outcome granules can be easily filled into capsules.
  • Option to equip a vibration sifter, it filtrates small or undersize granules for re-granulation purpose.
  • An automatic suction conveyer for charging powder or granule is available as an option for saving labor cost.

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Roller compactor
Roller compactor


Model Capacity:Kgs/hr Size(W x L x H) (MM)
YS-RC-5 02-05 800x1000x1800
YS-RC-10 07-10 800x1000x1800
YS-RC-30 15-30 900x1100x2000
YS-RC-70 40-70 1100x1200x2050
YS-RC-100 60-100 1100x1200x2051
YS-RC-150 100-150 1400x1600x3500
YS-RC-200 150-200 1500x1800x3500