Steam Sterilizer

Steam Sterilizer


The sterilizer is commonly located between the washing room and sterilization room. The extermination of germs and micro-organisms can be achieved when the object for sterilizing is in the contained sterilization room with an essential high temperature and sufficient time; and therefore safer and more reliable products or instruments can be obtained.


Pharmaceutical、Food、Hospital、Research Laboratory.


  • Oil Hydraulic Door:the door clamping device uses an oil hydraulic cylinder to drive clamp for easier and contained operation.
  • Steam Piping:steam piping fitting is made of sanitary pipe.The steam passes through one micro pre-filter 1μm
  • Even Steam Distribution:by vacuum pump and entrance of steam into sterilization room during sterilization to achieve ±1 sterilization temperature.
  • Fully Automatic Control:Adopt PLC control system, when the conditions have been set, the process will be controlled automatically.
  • Temperature Recorder:records the temperature progress distribution completely and record pressure changes throughout whole sterilization process.
  • Inspection Hole:validation testing holes are available for inspection.
  • Computerized Operation:the computer can calculate the FO figure and shows that there is no more than one germ alive in one million of sterilized objects.
  • Three Functions In One:integrated sterilization, cooling and leakage test to save time, energy, space and labor.
  • Provide complete original record of sensors and calibration of all instruments.

Flow Chart


Model Volume(L) Chamber Size
(W x L x H)
(W x L x H)
Steam Consump-tion (kg/hr) Vacuum Pump(HP) Weight(kg)
YS-SS-041 96 400x400x600 700x1300x900 60 1 1000
YS-SS-061 360 600x600x1000 1000x1300x1300 100 2 1500
YS-SS-081 800 800x1000x1000 1200x1700x1300 130 3 2000
YS-SS-101 1440 1000x1200x1200 1400x1900x1500 200 3 3000
YS-SS-102 2400 1000x1200x2000 14000x1900x2300 280 5 4000
YS-SS-121 1872 1200x1300x1200 1600x2050x1500 240 3 3500
YS-SS-122 3120 1200x1300x2000 1600x2050x2300 350 71/2 5000
YS-SS-141 2680 1400x1600x1200 2000x2350x1500 310 5 4500
YS-SS-142 4480 1400x1600x2000 2000x2350x2300 415 10 6000
YS-SS-143 8060 1400x1600x3600 2000x2350x3900 630 15 9000