Super Coater

Super Coater


  • Film Coating:Spray one thin protection layer on the surface of tablet (used in aqueous or organic solvent).
  • Enteric Coating:Spray one protection layer on the surface of tablet to against stomach acid.
  • Sugar Coating:Multi-layers of sugar coated to protect the tablet.


Hot airflow pass through a special designed film, heat the uniform rolling tablets inside, spray solution downward on the rolling tablet through pump and spray gun to get coating and drying purpose.


  • Pharmaceutical
    • Western medicine:film coating, enteric coating, sugar coating, control released coating.
    • Chinese medicine:film coating.
  • Food
    • Film coating:agriculture products, crystal sugar health food.
    • Sugar coating:chewing gun, yeast candy, health food.
  • Seed:Protection layer coating or add nutrition.


  1. Film and sugar coating are in one machine.
  2. Punched hole pan design for efficient drying.
  3. Short operation time
    • Film coating:1 ~ 3 hr/batch.
    • Enteric coating:3 ~ 4 hr/batch.
    • Sugar coating:6 ~ 16 hr/batch.
  4. Explosion proof system is available for organic solvent process.
  5. Auto discharge system for easy discharge.
  6. Auto control design for sugar coating, even no experienced operator can easy operate also. Well mixed sugar syrup, automatic fixed amount and fixed time, easy operation.
  7. Uniform coloring, weight and smooth surface for sugar coating.
  8. Operation time about 6 ~ 16 hr/batch of sugar coating.

Flow Chart


Model Diameter Tank (CM) Capacity:Kgs/Batch Size(W x L x H) (MM)
YS-FC-40F 40 02-05 1200x1300x1600
YS-FC-80F 80 15-45 1400x2000x2000
YS-FC-100F 100 30-80 1500x2200x2000
YS-FC-125F 125 75-150 2200x2600x2400
YS-FC-150F 150 120-250 4000x4000x3000
YS-FC-175F 175 200-400 5000x5000x3500
YS-FC-200F 200 300-600 6000x6000x3700