Super Mixer Granulator / Dryer

Super Mixer Granulator / Dryer
Spray dryer,Super mixer granulator Spray dryer,Super mixer granulator


Inside the cone-shaped vessel, the main impeller mix the powder into fluidized vortex and form lumps with the cinder solution.Then the high speed chopper cut the lumps into even granules by high speed action.


  • Bio-tech / Pharmaceutical
    • Western medicine:granulating and drying before tabletting.
    • Chinese medicine:granulating and drying of concentrated granule.
  • Food:Granulating and drying of instant food, instant health food, coffee, cocoa, milk powder, fruit flavor powder, seasoning.
  • Chemical:Granulating and drying of pigment, dye, synthesis raw material.


  • Explosion proof system is available for organic solvent process.
  • WIP system is available.
  • Multi safety interlock device,high safety.
  • The clearance between impeller and bottom is very thin,therefore no dead angels and less remainder.
  • Unique air seal system,a filtered compressed air is introduced into shaft and chopper,which may cause black spot and pollute the product.
  • Good tightness ,use air packing to clamp the cover.
  • Multi function of mixing , granulating and drying can produce hormone or anti-cancer medicine.
  • All the design and manufacture are qualified cGMP , PIC/S standard and FDA requirement.

Flow Chart


Model Full Volume(L) Work Volume(L) Capacity:Kgs/Batch Size(W x L x H) (MM)
YS-MGD-1 1 0.4-0.8 0.2-0.4 310x560x753
YS-MGD-5 5 2-4 1-2 350x600x800
YS-MGD-20 20 8-16 4-8 500x1360x1210
YS-MGD-50 50 20-40 05-20 500x1360x1210
YS-MGD-100 100 40-80 20-40 700x1600x1350
YS-MGD-150 150 60-120 30-60 850x1900x2100
YS-MGD-250 250 100-200 50-100 900x2400x2500
YS-MGD-300 400 120-240 60-120 2800x2900x3000
YS-MGD-400 400 160-320 80-160 2900x3100x3500
YS-MGD-600 600 240-480 120-240 3000x3300x3900