Through-Circulation Dryer

Through-Circulation Dryer


Drying for powder, granule, fine granule, long granule, pellet which contains moisture until get required content of moisture.


Put materials on the perforated trays with permeable cloth,and put the trays by layers on an active trolley.The hot air flow pierces through the materials vertically to remove moisture and to dry the products.


Drying for pharmaceutical, Chinese herbal medicine, Health food, any kind of chemical wet granule and powder.

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Vacuum freeze dryer
Vacuum freeze dryer

Flow Chart


Model Capacity:Kgs/Batch Size(W x L x H) (MM)
YS-TD-10 60-100 900x2200x1950
YS-TD-15 750-150 1200x3000x2250
YS-TD-20 100-200 1400x3200x2500
YS-TD-30 150-300 2200x3500x2500
YS-TD-40 200-400 2700x3500x2800